Thursday, May 8, 2008

Democrats in a coma

Wake up Democrats! The Republifluff pit bull Rush Limbaugh just came out and endorsed Obama. Why? Because he knows Obama can’t beat McCain. He fears Hillary! ( with good reason) Come on; quit playing stupid and asking Hillary to quit running. She’s the only one that can beat the Republicans. WTF are you people thinking? Are the Democrats seriously entertaining the thought of having a Republican President for the next 4 years? The though turns my stomach! What do we have to do to get you idiots to realize that it is NOT Obama time right now!

You can bet every Democrat big wheel that is supporting Obama KNOWS that by doing so they are handing the election to McCain. Remember who endorses Obama and vote their dumb ass out of office.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Isn't having Bush as President torture enough?

Truthfully we all knew that Bush was a lying sack of shit. Seriously, how could you not have known after putting up with his dumb ass for the past 8 years? He wasn't as good a liar as Cheney, but still, he's in the top ten of all time lying bastards.

Today I read this:

Does this just piss you the hell off? Why aren't these fuckwits in jail?
Where is the get out of jail free card for people to violate international laws?
Why the flying fuck aren't Bush, Cheney and the entire cabinet sitting in cells down at Gitmo with the rest of the alleged terroists?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Barak, and Hillary and John, oh MY!

So Barak has decided to publicly disassociate himself with his previous religious leader. Truthfully there isn’t anything wrong with this. If you become a public problem then the people that were once close to you are going to step back and re-evaluate their relationship with you. BUT don’t you think that someone in Barak’s position should have had a sit down talk with Rev. Wright before things ever got this far? Americans don’t mind their leaders having spiritual guides, unless you’re wearing a purple jumpsuit or handing out grape kool-aid, but we don’t like the idea of mind control. Billy Graham, yes. Rasputin, no. Surely at some point Barak had to realize that Rev. Wright was getting a little too much off in the conspiracy theories. I have heard the ol’ “ The government invented AIDS” crap for a long, long time. Come on, get real! Do you realize how much the government has had to shell out in medical care for AIDS and HIV patients? The sound of money being sucked away by medical care and assistance programs is like a funnel cloud. AIDS happened. It’s not God’s vengeance or a government plot. It’s an evolutionary development of a virus that somehow got into the human race.

The Rev. Wright fallout has hurt Barak. It might not have hurt him enough to make him lose, but it will forever taint his political life, much as Bill’s peccadilloes have hurt Hillary. Personally if I had to choose I’d have fed the grape kool aid to Bill for being stupid, but that’s just me.
Hillary is surging ahead. No doubt about it, the gal is picking up steam. Even with the defection of a top supporter she is still gaining ground. The closer to the final primary it gets the more she’s going to gain. All you right wing fanatics will just have to deal with it.

McCain is coming out with some pretty strong statements. I am so glad he stepped up and admitted that Bush’s Mission Accomplished photo op was just so much BULLSHIT. We all know Bush is the biggest fuckwit of the western world, but that photo just underline how outer limits he really is. Mission Accomplished, yet thousands more America soldiers die? Let me clue you into something George, Mission Accomplished means the soldiers pack their shit and come home. It doesn’t mean that they stay in a war for another 5 years getting their asses shot at. I wish every single parent, child, spouse and friend that lost a loved one in your illegal war could be alone with you for five minutes, with a baseball bat and a can of oil to throw on you. But I digress, back to McCain. John, get a grip son. I’m trying to like you. I admired you as an Arizona Senator, and as a resident bad ass in the senate. But this crap about supporting the war is just NOT right. Buck up and admit the whole thing is a fiasco and get our troops the hell out of there.
Here’s the truth of the issue: Whether we are in Iraq for five more years, or fifty more years, the fact is that the second we pull out things will go right back to how they were. Some crazed dictator is going to get all his groupies in line and take over. It is UNAVOIDABLE. They don’t want us there, they don’t like us, and they have NO intention of Americanizing.

So why not just get out now and let nature take its course? We need our soldiers home protecting US, not over there fighting against people that hate us, who will never change their ways.
Who you tryin’ to kid? We know the war is a joke, get to the punch line already and bring our troops home!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coming out ahead!

Chelsea Clinton is stepping out. Good for you girl! I have to commend Chelsea. In an age where just about every publicly prominent girl her age has flashed her naughty parts sans panties, or married the first of many losers, or been in rehab at least three times, Miss Clinton has kept a remarkably clean record. I remember her as an awkward child, and a shy teenager. I felt so bad for her when Rush Limbaugh decided that picking on adults wasn’t bad enough, he had to attack a child in order to get laughs for his sorry assed show. What kind of adult attacks children on the air? Gee Rush, did you carve another notch in your ever-widening belt because you humiliated and vanquished a 12-year-old girl with a nasty comment about her looks? Looks like Chelsea has the last laugh. She’s only going to get more beautiful and respected, while you continue to descend into being a sad public character that the Republicans can’t figure out how to retire, or dispose of. Save the seat next to you for Ann Coulter, she’s going to need it.

I think Chelsea will be valuable to Hillary, much like Michelle is to Barack. But even more important to both camps is the fact that McCain is being tied so inextricably to the war in Iraq. It’s understandable because he is a war vet, which is highly commendable. He’s a leader and has knowledge of the inner military dynamics that Bush NEVER understood. ( Not that Bush understands much beyond simple one syllable commands and how to shore up those oil prices) Despite all the leadership skills McCain is still NOT getting it. He called Barack insensitive to poor people. Hello! McCain, your party pushed and promoted a war that has caused fuel and food prices to go through the effing roof! Poor people won’t be able to vote for you because they can’t afford the gas to drive to the polls. Who is insensitive to poor people? The Republifluffs have done nothing but try to legislate peoples' morals, without trying to ease their financial burdens. Like poor people give a shit who is banging who when their kids need to eat. WAKE UP!

I’m watching the maps and seeing a huge democratic shift. Are people finally going to realize that every time the Republifluffs get in office we have a war, fuel and food skyrocket, and we get preached at for thinking dirty thoughts. Well the Republifluffs make sure everything becomes so damn expensive when they are in charge that having sex is the only thing people can afford as entertainment, then they try to legislate it.

Here’s what I want to know about every candidate:
What are you going to do to get our troops home?
What are you going to do to ensure that something like Enron NEVER happens again?
When are you going to quit worrying about marriage and the Constituation and start worry about the people’s rights that get stepped on every day through illegal wire taps and snooping?
When will you make stopping terrorists the priority over selling them weapons?

Who are you tryin’ to kid? We want answers, not fluff!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The showdown in Pennsylvania

So Hillary took PA. Is anyone surprised? I’m not. PA has a lot of blue collar and rural people. They just aren’t ready to buy into the elitist rhetoric that Obama throws out. I love an educated person as much as anyone, but I also know that there is educated knowing, and educated acting. Educated acting is a turn off. Being educated is like being rich, you only show as much as you need to get the point across, you don’t shove it in people’s faces to make them feel bad.

I often theorize that this is the reason Bush got elected. Everyone knew they were smarter than his dumb ass and it made them feel better about themselves to be smarter than the President of the United States. Of course later they realized that if they were truly smarter than Bush they wouldn’t have put him in charge. I imagine they reconsider their voting choices every time they pay $4.00 a gallon for gas. (I also think there should be a special “gas tax” for every person that voted for Bush. They should have to pay a dollar extra a gallon for getting us in this mess.)

Now Obama is being questioned about his comments regarding McCain.
He said that McCain would be an improvement over Bush. People are taking this as an insult to Democrats. Come on, cut the man some slack! He spoke nothing but the truth. McCain WOULD be an improvement over Bush. Fricking Tinky Winky would be an improvement over Bush, especially if he wore his purse.

McCain has made some serious gaffs lately too. He’s the heir presumptive of the Republifluff throne, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to sneak someone in at the last minute and try to over throw him. McCain tells us the Ohio steel jobs aren’t coming back. Really? Here’s a hint for you Mr. McCain; the textile, furniture, plastics, high tech and automotive jobs aren’t coming back either. Have you spent any time in the eastern part of this country? Factories sit empty, towns are almost deserted. When I have a problem with a product I end up speaking to someone that I can barely understand, that doesn’t really give a shit whether my problem is solved or not. I’ll give them credit for even learning to speak English, because I sure as hell can’t speak their language. However, I’m not trying to fix a problem they are having with a product in India, Pakistan or Japan.

At what point are all the candidates going to quit picking at each other and start giving us solutions. We know the war is just a hopeless bitch to deal with. No one is going to come out a shining hero. And no matter who is in the White house the discontent about the war was sowed long before this election year.

I’ve had a few people email me and ask where I came up with the term Republifluff. Think about it. Right now the Republicans are all fluff and no action. They bitch about stuff that has no relevant bearing on our daily lives, such as homosexuality or other “moral” issues, and then do nothing about things that can mean the difference between making the house payment and foreclosure.Rush Limbaugh is the biggest “fluffer” of them all. Seriously, I’d put more credence in the writings of a truckstop bathroom graffiti poet than I do anything Rush says. So far the Republifluffs are not impressing me with their bravado about the war, and their lies about price gouging oil companies being innocent of wrong doing. Who are you tryin’ to kid? We know it was a set up from the second Bush took office.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Okay, so Obama screwed up and implied that all us small people are gun-loving morons that have been taught for generations to hate the outside world. I sure don’t remember any of that from my childhood, but maybe the brainwashing was more effective than I thought.
Let me clue you in to something Mr. Obama, not all the people in this country are race driven, feminist/chauvanist, ultra right/ultra left, idiots. I really don’t care what color a person is, unless he’s got some kind of scary glow- in-the dark contagious rash that is going to get on me. Since you aren’t glowing, either physically or verbally, then I’m not too concerned about being near you.

I also don’t care what sex a person is. I had a mother and a father so it is obvious that it takes both kinds to make the world work. I personally know stupid men and women, and brilliant men and women. Intelligence is not sex or race related.

There are people in this country that would vote based on color or gender. They are as big a set of idiots as the people that vote along straight party lines. If you’re going to pick a candidate based on one issue then you deserve the repercussions. Unfortunately your mistake may end up costing the rest of us.

Okay Hillary, enough about Bosnia, tell Bill to leash his tongue ( again) I don’t know why public figures get so stupid when a camera is turned on, but it seems to be the case. Granted you’re not showing us you hoo-hoo like Britney and Paris do, but still you’re opening you mouth and saying stupid things. I don’t care what happened in Bosnia. Tell me, what you are going to do about what is happening in Iraq?

I realize that whoever comes in to the White House is going to have a nasty job ahead. There is a huge mess to clean up, as well as airing the residue of bullshit and lies out of the carpets and cushions in the Oval Office.

If McCain comes in he’s going to have to deal with Rush being a jerk for the next 4 years. The Limbaugh curse is enough to put anyone off. Why anybody listens to the stupid bastard is beyond me. He’s a drug-abusing hypocrite and serves no purpose beyond proving that the Republican Party has lost its touch with reality. They lost me years ago, now they seem intent on driving everyone else away with their porky hairless pit bull.

Aside from that issue McCain is refusing to release his financials. Guess what buddy, you have an obligation to let people know where you’re getting your money. We’ve seen enough cover-ups from Bush and Cheney on financial dealings; we don’t need to see it from someone who wants to sit in the Big Chair.

And speaking of bullshit, what the heck is this :,2933,351181,00.html

Doesn’t the public get enough stuff dumped on it without giving scientists getting permission to do it?
Who are you tryin’ to kid? Shit is shit, no matter how and where you spread it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Running around in circles

Sometimes I get off on strange political tangents and think about things that simply have no bearing on world events, but amuse me tremendously. I got to thinking about George and his future lack of employment.

Seriously what is he going to do after he leaves the White House 5 times richer than he went in? McDonalds is out; he can’t master the combos. Wal-Mart Greeter? That would be a real joy to behold, with 2 Secret Service men behind him. Motivational Speaker? Oh please, the man can barely get through a press conference without putting people to sleep. I really shouldn’t pick on poor Bush, he’s a lame duck and there is no possible way he is leaving office as anything but the worst president in history. That’s right George, you’re number 1, enjoy it while it lasts! On a humorous note here is a video of a kid impersonating Bush and it is hysterical. The kid nailed it!

Enough about Bush, what is this rumor that Condi might be McCain’s running mate? Are the Repulifluffs CRAZY? What next? Rush Limbaugh as Secretary of State? Condi as the number 2 is just too scary to contemplate. This is the woman that thought the war in Iraq was a good idea. McCain and Rice? Say it isn’t so! Come on McCain, these people treated you like crap. They lied about you, demeaned your record and did everything but sacrifice babies* in order to bump you in the last primaries. Don’t align yourself with the enemy: you’re better than they are!

* I assume no babies were sacrificed, but I actually have no proof it didn't happen.

This election year is going to create several watershed moments. We’ve got our first serious black presidential contender. (I know Jesse Jackson ran, but he was never a serious contender) We’ve got our first serious female presidential contender. And we’ve got the poor Republican guy that got so trashed by his own party the last time that the village idiot from Texas got nominated again. He has yet to choose a VP, but the rumors in that direction make me want to run screaming for the hills.

I’ll admit it; I’m undecided and unenthusiastic. I just can’t get amped up about any of them. I like some points about all of them, and I hate some points about all of them. Because of the last 8 years I have a deep distrust of the Republican Party. They just don’t do anything based on good common sense. They spend so much time harping on “moral” issues that they neglect human issues. I DON’T care if there are homosexuals. There have been homosexuals since the beginning of time, just like there have been lying politicians. My attitude on both is unless they are harming animals or children then ignore them. Since there are more children and animals harmed by the stupid actions of politicians than by homosexuals I'd say people need to focus on what is important and let people worry about their own morals. And for the record, I'm not homosexual. I've never had a homosexual encounter, never even considered having one. I don't get the hatred against people that just want to be left alone to enjoy life. Get a grip already people!